Ipainia history is divided into two periods:  Pre-English (July 05, 2013 – January 17, 2015) and English (January 18, 2015 – Present).



July 5, 2013
Alexander I proclaimed Ipainia as a new micronation with digital territory and he proclaimed himself as the king of Ipainia.

He also established the 13 states that are part of our territory: Báhía, Conexao, Cybele, High Lakes, Lorlima, Mars, Paradise, Peninsula, Populi, Sièyes, Southgold, Trinity and Xexeu.

He began with the construction of the official website that also served as official newspaper.

August 04
Alexander I sent a mail to different micronations with the purpose of establish diplomatic relationships.

August 21
The first and the only one to reply was the Principality of Valumar with whom Ipainia established diplomatic relationships. Currently, Valumar and Ipainia have a strong relationship.

Flag of Valumar

October 05
Ipainia sent a request to join the United Micronations. The same day Ipainia established diplomatic relationships with the People’s Republic of Püdustán.

October 06
Ipainia created the ‘Valumar Ipainian Cultural Institute’ in the city of Terraval, Valumar. ‘Metropoli’, its official newspaper was also established this day.

October 07
Ipainia sent a request to join the Organization of American Micronations.

November 09
Ipainia changed its national symbols (Flag and Seal).

November 10
Ipainia was accepted as member of the Organization of the American Micronations

November 21
Ipainia was accepted as member of the United Micronations.

Organización de Micronaciones Unidas
Seal of the United Micronations

December 4
Ipainia won the 2013 Saint Barbara Prize (awarded by the Principality of Valumar) in the category of Best Collaboration Project due to the creation of the “Valumar Ipainian Cultural Institute”

Logo of the Saint Barbara Prize


January 31
Ipainia established diplomatic relationships with the A.V.S. of Miurer (Currently extincted) and with El Dorado.

Flag of El Dorado

February 01
Ipainia presented the bid of Báhía to host the V Micronational Olympic Games but the bid of Kempinski, El Dorado – Minerva, Rotham was the winner.

February 14
Ipainia established diplomatic relationships with the Royal Imperium of the Rock of Marotiri.

 Seal and Flag of the Royal Imperium of the Rock of Marotiri
Seal and Flag of the Royal Imperium of the Rock of Marotiri

February 21
Ipainia and Valumar founded the Micronational Postal Alliance.

March 09
The First General Election were celebrated. Amlid Flesuor was elected as the first President of Ipainia. The following day, the cabinet was modified and established.

March 17
Alexander I ran for the Deputy-Secretary General seat of the United Micronations, he was elected and began to work on April 03, 2014 until October 12, 2014.

May 06
The project of mapping Ipainia was started. However, the project was discontinuated due to its difficulties.

June 19
The V Micronational Olympic Games were opened. On July 14, 2014, the Games were closed and Ipainia ended at second place with two gold medals, five silver medals and two bronze medals.

July 01
The Congress enacted a bill in which the Senate and the House of Representatives seats were increased (Senate, 7 to 13 seats – House, 13 to 64 seats). Hours later, the Congress also enacted a bill in which the period of government was increased from six months to one year.

July 04
Amlid Flesuor was reelected as president of Ipainia.

July 05
Ipainia celebrated its first foundation anniversary.

July 25
H.M. Alexander I and the President Amlid Flesuor presented a report in which they set the future goals of our micronation.

August 08
Ipainia established a new seal.

Current Seal of Ipainia

August 16
Metropoli won the 2014 Lucero Award (awarded by the Kingdom of Rotham) in the category of Best Micronational Press.

2014 Lucero Awards, Metropoli won as Best Micronational Press

September 16
The official web of Ipainia and the web of “Metropoli” were redesigned.

October 12
H.M. Alexander I ended his period as Deputy-Secretary General at the United Micronations. He was elected as President of the Security Council for the following period.

December 19
H.M. Alexander I visited Valumar in which he did a lot of activities, the most important was to receive the 2014 Saint Barbara Prize in the category of Best sociocultural commitment.

December 27
Ipainia established “TFMREDR-TARMERD” (Treaty of Friendship, Mutual Recognition and Establishment of Diplomatic Relationships – Tratado de Amistad, Reconocimiento Mutuo y Establecimiento de Relaciones Diplomáticas). During this event, Ipainia established diplomatic relationships with New Altaria and Pandrea on December 29, 2014 and with Clarion the following day.



January 18
The Congress of Ipainia enacted a bill in which Ipainia changed its national language from Spanish to English.

January 19
“Metropolis” was created, it is the english version of “Metropoli”.

Current Logo of Metropolis

January 20
the Senate enacted a bill in which Ipainia will be bipartisan since the following general elections. The Democratic and Republican Party were also established.

January 21
Ipainia presented the bid of Báhía to host the VI Micronational Olympic Games, Ipainia was the only bid so Ipainia won.

Báhía 2015, Logo of the Candidature

February 01
Ipainia established diplomatic relationships with Marxgrado and Rino Island, it was the beggining of the “TFMREDR 2015” project.

April 16
Alexander I was reelected as President of the Security Council.

June 28
Matthew Hamptomps of the Democratic Party won the General Elections, he became the second president of Ipainia in the third presidetial period.

July 05
Ipainia celebrated its second anniversary.

July 24
The VI Olympic Games in Báhía were opened by H.M. Alexander I.

August 08
The VI Olympic Games in Báhía were closed, Ipainia ended up as the winner micronation with eight gold medals, nine silver medals and three bronze medals.

August 15
Ipainia was awarded with the 2015 Lucero Award in the Category of Best Micronation.

October 01
Ipainia was elected as member of the Security Council at the United Micronation during the 2015-2016 period.


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